Billiard Bombs


Billiards game with bombs instead of balls



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Billiard Bombs is a free billiards game with a funny particularity: billiards balls are now bombs: Yes, they sound similar, but they are not the same.

The game features the balls as always, but they have a counter on them, the time on each one is the time you have to score them, if the time goes off, it will explode and you'll loose the match.

In addition, you'll find more obstacles when playing Billiard Bombs, so you'll spice up those billiards games. as long as you'll pass levels you'll find more difficulties and the game will be even funnier.

Finally, it's very easy to control: The mouse controls the direction and power of the shot. It doesn't feature realistic effect or more features, so if you are searching for a funny game but not a realistic game, Billiard Bombs can be a good choice.
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